Tips To Consider When Dealing With Cat Hairballs

cat careCat hairballs are something every cat owner has to deal with whether they like it or not.

One might be wondering what this is all about and this can be easily explained.

Cats have a habit of licking themselves frequently. Though it keeps them clean, the process has its consequences.

When licking themselves, they are unconsciously ingesting their fur which eventually accumulates resulting in them puking balls of hair.

Severe cases of hairballs can be life threatening thus it is necessary to take steps and measures to prevent them or to treat them if it comes to that.

  • Grooming is a very effective way of dealing with cat hairballs. Even though cats are capable of keeping themselves clean, take the extra care of cleaning your cat. Pet Cats with long furs are the most affected. Brush your cat’s fur as often as possible in order to get rid of the dead fur. This way the cat does not swallow it instead. After brushing the cat wipe it with a damp and clean towel to ensure that there is no excess dead fur.
  • If cat hairballs continue to be a problem to your cat then find a lubricant which helps digest the fur. Some people would use Vaseline. Put the Vaseline on the cats’ pores and let it lick its pores to ensure ingestion. If the Vaseline does not work then there are other specially made lubricants which can be recommended by your veterinary. These are tasty to cats and they cannot resist them. Another treatment can be butter. Butter is a natural lubricant and also helps the gall bladder to produce bile in the digestive system. Bile quickens the process of the removal of cat hairballs thus not giving them a chance to accumulate.
  • A diet high in fiber can also be of good help to the problem of hairballs. Fiber helps ease the process of digestion thus enabling the cat to digest both food and hairballs with ease. Hairballs would then be easily wiped out of the system.
  • One should also know that it is entirely normal for your cat to experience this problem mostly during spring as the cat would be shedding off its winter coat. Thus ensure that you keep on the constant look out and if the problem gets to heavy for you and your cat, your veterinary might have extra tips or medication for your cat.


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