Saving Kitties With A Little Cost Gives Huge Reward For The Soul

The last reports for the homeless cats’ treatment in the United States aren’t very satisfactory. According to the statistics, there are near 87 million free-roaming cats.

The government spends amazing figures for their treatment. Only for a year the authorities spent nearly $16 billion dollars to trap and kill the kittens.

Many organizations are offering procedures for reducing this figure by taking a cat as a home pet. There are certain programs that help reducing this huge amount of money and stop killing the cats.

pet kittenTNR programs are offering cat shelters in which the cat to be examined, is neutered and then released in its trap locations. Those cats are named “community” cats.

Instead of killing them, we could simply go for programs that treat the free-roaming cats as pets. According to many experts this will be much more productive and effective measure that will prevent the killing of the homeless kittens.


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