Cat Training – The Right Approach

Unlike dogs, the cats are known for their lack of obedience towards their masters. They are picky, spoiled and always on to some kind of mischief. “Cat training” is most of the time limited to teach them use the litter box or restrain their access to certain areas.

cat trainingAs a plus the cat training can be hell on Earth especially because of their natural predisposition of defying their master in order to get more attention.

You certainly cannot make Kitty roll over or do a funny two legs walk as you would do with any Rover. Still the felines are quite flexible to training providing they are motivated enough to obey their masters.

The most complicated problem of the cat training is that the cats are…adorable. They are fluffy and they purr; they become extremely affectionate and the odds are pretty good that they will eventually own you instead of you owning them.

The patience and endurance are the keys to any animal training. Based on that, the cats can be trained to follow rules provided the master goes by these two principles.

The first step is that inside a family with several members, each with a different personality, the strategy must be respected by all of them.

If you don’t want the cat to climb the bed with you, make sure all of the family members respect this rule.

The cat will not keep track of who does or who doesn’t allow it to do something and it will only keep in mind the rule.

The first thing must be the litter box training. The first thing a cat must understand is that the litter box is the only place where it is allowed to “go”. The mistakes here can be many but the most frequent is that the cat is locked in a room with no access to the litter box. Another is that the litter is very dirty.

Many owners ask themselves how long the training takes. Technically, the training should be started as soon as the cat is brought into the house. With a kitten, the things are a lot easier because as long as it is very young it will follow the mom’s example or simply do anything to please its owner.


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