Can You Potty Train A Cat?

Would you like a potty trained cat? No messy litter to throw out or any soiled surfaces to clean! It would mean sharing your toilet bowl with the cat though.

Cats can now be potty trained with loads of patience and plenty of time. Your pet cat can be trained to use the toilet bowl after about a month or so of patient training.

It starts with placing the litter box near the toilet bowl. Once the cat is comfortable with using it there you can raise the height of the litter box about six inches from the floor. Gradually raise the height till it reaches in level with the bowl.

Once the cat can climb over the pot and use her litter box, it is now time to place the litter box over the bowl. Soon you can remove the litter box and just place some litter in the bowl. Once your cat is comfortable using the toilet bowl, you can do away with the litter too. And voila you have a toilet trained cat!

With a toilet trained cat there is no need to clean soiled litter and no odor to do away with, high reward for a month’s patience and hard work.


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