Can Cat Grooming Be Enjoyed?

One of the most specific thing that cats are known to do is to groom themselves. You might have seen your cat do so several times a day, but still in some cases she might need some help from your part.

Although the majority of the people think that this is a burden, you should make the activity fun for both of you. The best time to groom the cat is when it is relaxed, for example after eating or after exercising. It is very important not to lose your temper in case you want your cat to associate the grooming sessions with a positive feeling.

Cat GroomingThe first grooming sessions should be short, of about 5-10 minutes. Increase the time period until the cat gets used to it. Also make sure that you handle the cat as much as possible for it to be comfortable with it.

Pet every single inch of the pet’s body, including the tail, back, ears, belly and don’t forget about the feet either, since the majority of the cats don’t like their feet being handled.

In case the cat is stressed, you should finish the process as soon as possible and try again when it is calmer. When it comes to bathing, you might need the help of another person, because it is a well-known fact that cats don’t like this activity, because of the water contact.

To make the animal associate the process with something good, don’t forget to praise it and offer it a treat in the end.

In order to keep the hair of the cat in good condition, there is need for regular combing and brushing. This way you will spread the natural oil on the fur and you will avoid the tangles. This is especially important in the case of cats with long hair.

If you have a short haired cat, it is enough to brush her once a week. At first you should use a metal comb to work through the fur from head to tail. To remove the dead hair, use a rubber brush or a bristle. When working on the chest and belly, you should be gentler than in the other places.

In case of cats with long hair, daily brushing is an absolute necessity. The first step is to comb the belly and the legs and in this process make sure that there is no more tangled hair left. Next follows the rubber brush or bristle. Brush the fur with an upward movement. Leave the tail for the end: part the hair in the middle and brush the fur on one side or the other.

The cat shouldn’t be bathed very often, but in case it gets oily and greasy or gets into something sticky or smelly, it is really time to give her a bath. Use a special shampoo that is mild and that has been created for cats. Before you actually start bathing, brush the fur of the pet to remove the loose and dead hair.


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