Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet Calico Cat

calico catWhen it comes to considering getting a cat as a pet, the calico breed is favored by most people.

It is number one when it comes to making the best domesticated pet among all the other domesticated cat breeds.

They are unique in color, their fur and lots of different things. Calico cats are a must have and will definitely be of great company.

There are a few things you have to know about calico cats when you are considering it as your pet.

  1. Their fair is in three different shades or streaks of colors. They also come in both long and short hair so you have to know which one you are purchasing so that you know which type of grooming particulars are you going to get for your pet. [pet grooming]
  2. They are thought to bring in good luck and good fortune to their owners. This is a popular belief among the Japanese and the majorities actually keep this cat in their homes as a pet even if he is not the only pet in the house, primarily for this purpose.
  3. Most Calico cats are mostly female and the few that are male are as a result of a dysfunction. There are so rare it’s highly unlikely you will be able to come across one.
  4. Calico cats are more of a mistake than a normal breed when looking at the genetics involved. That is why some people will look at them as creatures that bring about good fortune.
  5. Calico cats are not a breed, they are just cats that have three colors, so they can be any breed, perhaps a Persian cat but as long it has the tri-colored feature it qualifies as a calico cat.
  6. It is almost impossible to produce a calico cat due to the complex chromosomes involved.
  7. The common combinations of colors are black, red and white or white, blue and cream.

Popular Cat Breeds in the world

The basic details in caring for these cats depend on the breed but cats don’t normally vary in their needs and wants. They all love their milk and meat dishes so make sure you include all this in their food.

They need your attention and you can easily create a bond with them. Because of their colors, their coats are catchy to the eye you will be drawn to them when you are selecting your cat. They are unique and cute little fellows.

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