The Russian Blue – Royalty Under A Velvet Coat

cat careThe Russian Blues have a calm temper and a tender and affectionate disposition.

They are active and playful but they do not like loud and abrupt noises. They are not a very persistent breed [cat breed] but tend to follow their master all over the house.

It is a silent and discrete cat which usually adapts hard at sharing its company with other pets. Usually the Russian Blue directs its entire affection to a singular person to whom it grows attached and who is turning out to be the center of its entire universe.

It is a very clean cat and handles equally well the heat and the cold, most of the times preferring a warm place to spend its day. It is also very playful especially while young but it does not have the habit of destroying things.

The owner should keep in mind that it is a very sensitive breed. It suffers when not paid attention by “its” person and becomes nervous in the presence of strangers.

It doesn’t mind being alone and waiting for its human companion. It seldom meows and has a sweet melodious voice.

The beautiful blue –black velvet coat is one of the things that makes the breed to be so appreciated. The fur is thick and it is better to be groomed at least twice a week.

The Russian Blues are beautiful cats, easy to take care off, a bit territorial but the perfect companion for any cat lover.


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