Taking Care Of Your Maine Coon Cat

maine coon catsMaine Coon cats are popular cats that are perfect for you and your kids.

They are friendly little guys that enjoy the attention from humans. They are lovable and once you are hooked, you are hooked.

They love to play with their owners so you can get them for your kids and buy them a variety of toys to keep them entertained when you are busy or away.

These furry little creatures are not so fussy and all they really need is a good diet that is comprised of all the essential nutrients and excellent grooming and you will have a healthy and happy Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coon cats need a lot of water to help with their metabolism. Water also helps in getting rid of toxins and unwanted substances from their bodies. The good thing is that you do not have to force them to drink a lot of water. These cats enjoy a fresh supply of water every now and then making it easier to feed them.

Their nice coat requires a lot of combing to keep it looking nice and free from lice and fleas. A flea comb is necessary if your cat is in contact with other animals or is exposed to flea infested areas. Otherwise a metal comb will do just the trick when you are taking care of the coat.

A bath is also necessary for your Maine Coon cat once in a while. They love playing, so there may be instances that they get so dirty when they happen to play in a very dirty or muddy place.

Cats usually clean themselves, but they do need your help once in a while. Shampoo for cats is available in most cat stores. Make sure you do not use anything else but the recommended shampoo and follow the required steps in washing your cat with the specific shampoo.

Your Maine coon cat, just like other cats, needs their nails trimmed once in a while. This is not such a hard task as they are quite cooperative and will not give you a too huge task.

Do not look for a nail trimmer in your manicure set. Nail trimmers made specifically for pets are available and you can use these to trim their nails on a regular basis.

These are definitely not a challenge to keep but are actually a fun bunch. Just keep them happy and you have got the ball rolling to living happily together.


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