Egyptian Mau And Its Impressive Genealogy

In the ancient Egypt, the cats were privileged creatures and during the second dynasty they became an object of adulation being considered the living impersonation of the goddess Bastet, the patroness of the fertility and family.

The Egyptian Mau is the direct descendent of the wild African cat and the single breed naturally spotted. It was introduced and recognized as a breed since 1977 and also since then it has became one of the most craved cat breeds.

This “living room leopard” has a robust figure, beautiful mandel shaped green eyes, an elegant walk and a very vivid intelligence.

The Egyptian Mau is an affectionate cat, with silky fur, very playful and one of the few children loving cat breeds.

It is a gourmand and likes delicious treats and it is also very possessive with its owners and with its toys.

Its cute face and playful disposition has made Whiskas pick just this breed as a brand image.

The Egyptian Mau is the cat companion suitable for a single person but also for a family. It likes to be pampered, it likes to be hugged and loved, it likes to cuddle, and likes to be loved.

In very little words, the Egyptian Mau is the right cat for any owner who needs his or her cat to be happy when they come back home.


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