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Sunburn Is A Real Danger For Pets

Are you aware that your pets can get sunburned? Maybe a lot of you out there have never thought about this, but it is a reality that you might want to face if you value your pet’s health. Let us think about this for a minute. When you go outside and expose your skin to […]

Common Allergies Among Pets

Common Allergies Among Pets

In the same way that we humans are afflicted with irritating and sometimes debilitating allergies, our pets are too. Through contact, inhalation or intake/ingestion, allergies are caused in pets in much the same way that they are among humans: Commonly found among pets are contact allergies. They come into contact with certain plants (in particular […]

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Take Care Of Spring Pests And Keep Your Little Pet Safe

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S., the numbers of pesticide products that cause adverse reactions are growing. The number of the reported products that caused these reactions has grown to a serious figure – 44,000 in 2008, while in 2007 they were 28,000.  The rise of these cases speaks of the […]

Dealing With Sick Pets

Dealing With Sick Pets

Watching your pet whilst they are sick is one of the most heartbreaking things a pet owner to experience. However, with the right type of pet medicine prescribed by the vet your pet will be on the right path of recovery. The trouble then comes when it is time for your pet to take this […]

Be Aware Of Pet Health Hazards At The Groomer's

Be Aware Of Pet Health Hazards At The Groomer’s

Grooming your pets is one of the best ways to bond with your pet and also very important for them to get used to it from an early age. Your pets learn to see their routine brushing or trimming nails as an alternate source of affection and attention. If you have enough knowledge about pet […]