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pets to travel

Help Your Pets To Travel In Style

For you, your pet is family. But it may not always be treated so by hotels, restaurants and places you may visit with your pet. While examining brochures or web sites of hotels where you want to stay for your vacation, you may see pet-tolerant places (obviously, an indication of dislike to some degree) and […]

flea cycle

The Right Steps To Get Rid Of Pet Flea Infestation

No matter how much we love our pets; all furry friends come carrying with unwanted pests of which fleas are perhaps the most annoying. We might try our best to keep this problem away but we may find that the little annoying creatures are more resilient than our patience. Fleas make themselves known especially in […]


Do Pets Get Depressed The Way Humans Do?

We often see our friends with fur or feathers losing the joy of doing the very usual things we are accustomed to see them do and we cannot understand what is wrong with them. There are times that we do not pay attention to small details from out pets’ lives because we could never imagine […]

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The Perfect Outdoor Getaway For Cats

Many pet owners have typical concerns in common – where to keep their pets. Keeping them indoor is a good decision, but it also hides its risks. For instance, pets can pollute the air of your home and no matter how often you clean and refresh the air, the bacteria will stay. Therefore, many owners […]

How Expensive Is To Own And Provide For A Pet?

How Expensive Is To Own And Provide For A Pet?

Have you ever thought about the money you are willing to spend for your pet? In case you never thought about it, here are some results of a recent research that show how much we are spending for our puppies in times of economical recession. Most of the pet owners are willing to spend nearly […]