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winter chill

Protect Your Pet Against The Winter Chill

Winter is about to come and the pet owners should provide some extra care for their outdoor pets. Pet Shelter The chill weather is dangerous for any pet, so consider building a shelter for your outdoor pet. In case you have a dog, the shelter is an absolute must, if you want to keep your […]

pet adoption centers

Why Should You Get A Pet From Pet Adoption Centers?

Not many people are comfortable with adopting pets from pet adoption centers. They have many doubts and are not at all comfortable with the idea of adopting pets who have been previously given up or have been rescued. Many people are looking for a particular breed and look for breeders or pet stores to fulfill […]

flying with pets 1

Tips For Flying With Pets

In case you are going to travel with your pet, they are several things you should consider carefully, before taking the trip. At first, one of the most important things is to make sure your pet is healthy. Recently most of the airlines have new requirement for those kinds of travel – health certificate of […]

pet motel

How You Know Which Pet Motel To Choose?

One of the first things on your to do list, after you have adopted a new dog or shifted to a new town, should be to look for a pet motel or dog boarding. You may say that you will never leave your pet at a boarding facility, but you need to be prepared in […]

pet owners 1

The Pets And The Pain After Losing An Owner

Pets and their owners are emotional and physically linked and it is a medical proven fact. Therefore, pets’ owners should think about the time, when they are not going to be able to look after their pets. According to a recent statistic, in the U.S., there are 33. 9 million households that own dogs and […]