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Pet Care

Are Google Tips Replacing the Vet Care?

Would like to find some information on a certain topic? Google it! Well, although this might work in many cases, when it comes to the health of your pet, you might want to reconsider. There are numerous pet owners in our days that prefer to consult with Google rather than with a vet. This way […]

Pet Sitting Bussiness

The Benefits of a Pet Sitting Business

It might be a bit rude to say that a pet sitting business is somewhat similar to babysitting, but the truth is that there are numerous similarities. It is considered to be easy to set up a new pet sitting business because the costs are low and you don’t really need experience to get the […]

Pet Shedding

Dealing with Pet Shedding in Spring

It’s not just the thawing snow and the flower heads pushing through the ground that tell you that spring is here. Closer to home, clumps of pet hair in the corners also let you know that it is time for spring. Spring is the major shedding season for cats and dogs, when they shed their […]

pets hate

Does Your Pet Hate You? Here’s Why

We might think that our pets are annoyed by traffic, noise, other pets and only occasionally by humans. But the truth is, most of the times the owner is solely responsible for the pet’s behavior. Pet owners take on the responsibility but they don’t always follow the rules as far as pet care goes. Most […]


Pets and the Fear of Fireworks

It is a well-known fact that dogs fear fireworks. The pets get stressed by the noise and by the illuminations, so here are few holiday tips on how to avoid such a stress. First of all, don’t take your pets to such events. If the fireworks are going to be near your home, find a […]