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All About Turtles

All About Turtles and What They Can Eat

If you are wondering where you can find out all about turtles and what they eat on a regular basis, the first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of turtle you are talking about. There are actually many different types of turtles that can be found in the wild, so you […]

Different Types of Turtles

Different Types of Turtles That You Can Bring Home

There are many different types of turtles that you can bring home these days, and any one of these turtles will make a great pet for the right person. The great thing about turtles is that there are so many different varieties to choose from, and each type of turtle has its own features that […]


Turtles Too Need The Vet

We see turtles as some of the sturdiest pets but a turtle owner should know that turtles must be taken to the vet because of various reasons. Even if they seem healthy a general checkup must be conducted once or twice a year. It is important to keep in mind that examining a turtle is […]

Setting Up A Suitable Habitat For Pet Turtles

Setting Up A Suitable Habitat For Pet Turtles

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility and quite often people do not realize how much is involved until it gets too difficult. Turtle habitats can be a little tricky but they are rewarding. Keeping turtles can be very rewarding, these ancient species are very mysterious and offer a unique insight into a world […]

Commonly Known Infections In Turtles

Commonly Known Infections In Turtles

The most common type of infections that occur in turtles is mainly caused by bacteria. To prolong the life of your pet turtle, it’s advisable to learn the signs and symptoms of the prevalent infections. Fortunately, they can be prevented, just make sure you seek the advice of the veteran when you suspect the signs […]