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feeding horse

The Must-Know Basics About Feeding Your Horse

For your horse to grow and achieve an optimal performance, it needs a healthy and balanced food. The right balanced food is classified in different categories like energy, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. The energetic needs of the horse vary depending not only on its weight, temper and efforts done but also on its life […]

monkeys as pets

The Challenge In Keeping Monkeys As Pets

Humans have always had pets as companions and primates have always fascinated humans. Primates are attractive pets for the simple reason that they are so similar to people and this is exactly why it is difficult to keep monkeys as pets. Keeping primates as pets is a serious and long time commitment as the average […]

frogs as pets

How Hard It Is To Have Frogs As Pets?

Frogs as pets are an interesting option for those who are looking for an unusual pet.  Before you decide to go out and buy a frog it would be wise to remember that wild frogs are in danger of extinction largely due to human interference. To do your bit look for frogs those have been […]

horse 1

The Horse As A Pet And The Challenge Awaiting You

Caring for a pet isn’t an easy issue and most of the horse owners know it for sure. Yet, caring for a horse is a pleasure that was a privilege only for the richest people, for it requires lots of things and mostly – money. In 21st century, things are changed and this is no […]

Need To Know Facts About Green Iguanas

Need To Know Facts About Green Iguanas

Taking care of the iguana is pretty expensive and quite difficult and taming them requires a large amount of patience and determination. Raising two iguanas increases the challenge so you better consider the effort before deciding on the number. When taking care of the iguana, strict rules of hygiene must be obeyed so you could […]