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Snake as Pet

Best Snakes to Have As Pets

There are numerous animals that can be kept as pet. Usually people think about cats and dogs, but there are some other kinds of animals as well that you should take into consideration. While the majority of people prefer those pets that have fur and at least two legs, others prefer reptiles, like snakes. The […]

First Pet Repltile

Owners’ Guide to the First Pet Reptile

Reptiles are among the most difficult exotic pets one can have. They need a lot of care, time and money. Depending on the breed they need adequate temperature and light control. Taking in a reptile for a pert is a big decision and should be taught through completely before you go and get yourself one. […]

Pet Frogs

Pet Frogs Can Be Behind a Salmonella Outbreak

What is salmonella and how could people get infected with this disease? The symptoms of salmonella include stomach cramping, dehydration, diarrhea, high fever and vomiting. According to the common belief the major source of salmonella is food, usually meat or chicken eggs. The scientists have found another source of infection as well, one that the […]

Rabbit For Adoption

Pet Rabbits and the Easter Bunny Issue

A rabbit anyone? It has become a cliché to get children or even teenagers a rabbit for Easter. Still, there might be more problems with this little animal than the family can handle. First of all we should all remember that those cute little bunnies that we might buy grow up someday, and although they […]

Raccoon as Pet

Would You Keep a Raccoon as Pet?

Raccoons are unusual family pets to have at home. Many families do take in abandoned baby raccoons and bring them up as pets or take care of them till they can be released in the wild again. Before you decide to take in a raccoon as a pet, check whether it is legal in your […]