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read a label of pet food

How to Read a Label of Pet Food

Figuring out what to feed your pet is an important part of keeping them healthy and ensuring they live a long life. But there are so many options nowadays that it’s hard to figure out what’s good for your pet and what isn’t. To that end, one of the best ways to make an informed […]

keep your dog smelling fresh

6 Tips to keep your Dog Smelling Fresh

No one would like to cuddle and adore a smelly dog; even if you are an ardent dog lover. Often dogs smell really awful due to varied reasons including flatulence, poorly maintained fur or bad-breath. Giving bath to the dog everyday is just not possible due to the immense hassle it undertakes; also it’s not […]

adopt a pet

How to know you are ready for a pet

It is true that most of us are just in love with those lovely little cute dogs and those wonderfully cuddly cats living with our relatives, friends and neighbors. But loving a pet from a distance and actually adopting or bringing one home are two VERY different things.  Before jumping to the decision of bringing […]

tame your dog

Discipline Over Love: How to Tame Your Dog

Is your dog out of control? Do you have to keep it on the lead when going for a walk because you’re afraid of how it reacts to other dogs? Do friends and family avoid coming over because of your boisterous pet? Many behavioural problems such as aggression and disobedience can be changed simply by […]

Animals In the House

How to Keep Your Home Clean With Animals In the House

Having a pet is a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you have a cuddly canine, fluffy feline or something more exotic, getting a pet doesn’t always have to mean additional work for keeping the house clean. With a little forward planning and some diligent domestic routines, you can enjoy your pet and still maintain […]