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dog training

Teach Your Dog to Mind Its Mouth

There are surely dogs with really bad temper, but any pet owner will try to train his dog. Here is some advice how to cut down the puppy mouthing, for this is a bad practice. You need to help your puppy learn to curb this mouthy behavior, therefore start training your puppy, while it is […]

dog damaging home

Stop The Dog From Destroying The House

Indoor housetraining is one of the most important things you should know, in case you are a pet owner. Don’t hesitate to research more about this topic, for it will give you some tips how to train your dog and prevent the damages in your home. Luckily there are lots of advices on this issue, […]

dog exercise

How Much Is Too Much In Dog Exercising?

Any pet owner knows that he should provide some exercise to his dog. There is some confusion about the exercises, when it comes to the right amount of exercise. Therefore, here are few steps to determine how much exercise your dog needs. At first, not all the dogs need the same amount and type of […]

dog fur trimming

The Consequences Of Dog Fur Trimming During Summer

Summer heat can cause a big problem for dogs, especially for those who carry a thick fur coat. It is an uncomfortable experience for a dog to bear with all the sweat produced by the temperature variations of this season. Below are some tips which would help you in making your dog comfortable in this […]

pets and children

How To Make My Dog Like Children?

Pets and children- this sounds like a perfect combination for any home, but most of the pet owners know that dogs aren’t very fond of the little ones. This is because children have unpredictable behavior, small size and often tease the dog. There are many experts’ advices how to deal with this issue, but most […]