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Cocker Spaniel Grooming

Important Tips for Grooming Cocker Spaniel

With attractive look, cocker spaniel is a wonderful and happy dog to include in your family. Most of you cringe to own a cocker spaniel because of the amount of maintenance and grooming required for it. However, it is not that difficult as you think. But here are few essential things that you have to […]

Dogs Hair Care

6 Tips for Dealing with Your Shedding Dog

Are you worried about the shedding of your pet dog? Shedding is normal phase of hair growth cycle in dogs or other pets that have fur. However, as a dog owner, it can be really frustrating problem for you. But, here are few helpful ideas for you that can make your life much easier for […]

Pet Training

Making the Most of Treats in Pet Training

Training a pup or dog is essential to make things smoother and better in your daily life. Plus it makes sense to have your dog obey the commands you give it. Petting or praising the dog is an essential part of the training but treats can be used judiciously to make the process more interesting […]

dog begging

The Dog Begging Issue – From Annoying to Cute

One of the ways your dog uses to get your sympathy is by looking at you wide eyed and begging. Usually this kind of behavior is linked to food but sometimes it may surface out of the need of attention. Begging does not come naturally to dogs although raising the paws to get attention is […]

dogs childhood

Dog’s Childhood – Things You Should Know About It

Between the age of 2 months and puberty the dog experiences the most important moments in its life, moments that will be responsible for its future development and evolution. This is the time interval when the largest number of vaccinations is done and also the time with the most visits to the vet. In order […]