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Best Small Dog Breeds

The Best Small Dog Breeds and Why to Love Them

A lot of people are looking for smaller dogs because they don’t have a lot of space to keep them, and if you are one of these people you might be looking for the best small dog breeds. Although they may be small and cute, not all of them have the meek personality that you […]

Dog Breeds

Smart Vs Dumb Dog Breeds of the World

When it comes to getting a new dog, usually it is the personality and the looks of the dogs that influence the decision of the new owner. Nonetheless it is known that certain breeds are more intelligent than others. For making the right choice the owner should carefully evaluate the most intelligent and the least […]

Vegan Pet

Bully Breeds: Born or Educated?

Most American pet lovers truly feel that even if dogs belong to the bully breeds, they can be safe pets provided they are trained well. Bully breeds include Rottweilers, Pit bulls, Chow Chows, Dobermans and German shepherds. These breeds are believed to be vicious by nature thus not good as pet choices. Most pet lovers […]

swiss white shepherd

The White Wolf Called Swiss White Shepherd

The Swiss White shepherd is a very temperamental dog without being nervous. It is careful, vigilant and smart, being a trustworthy companion. In unknown circumstances it is a prudent dog with a high tendency of being curious. The Swiss white shepherd looks very much alike the German shepherd, the exception being the color which is […]


5 Best Guard Dog Breeds

The guard dog is ready to take on the world if the need be, if at stake is a home it sees as its own and a family it loves and feels bound to protect. Among the most notorious guard dog breeds anybody can name the German Shepherd, the Mastiff and the Doberman. The guard […]