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Diagnose Cat Illness Symptoms

Diagnose Cat Illness Symptoms

If you really know your pet, for sure you will be able to diagnose cat illness symptoms. In fact any change in the behavior of the cat is a sign that there is something wrong. Although people often dismiss these signs, you should make sure that you don’t make this mistake. Diagnosing the symptoms of […]

Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Cats

10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Cats

Kidney disease is a very common condition occurring in cats. The chances of a cat developing a chronic kidney disease increase with age. Some of the most common symptoms of kidney disease in cats are as follows: Presence of blood in the urine Increased or decreased urination (extremes in frequency of urination) Urination outside of […]

Cat Flu Symptoms and Treatment

How to Recognize Cat Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Cat flu is very similar to human cold. Fever accompanied by runny nose, sore throat, aches and pains are all a part of the flu. Though not a very serious condition in adult cats, it could be fatal to kitten. Having some background knowledge about cat flu symptoms and treatment can help the caregiver in […]

Cat Illness Symptoms

Most Common Cat Illness Symptoms

Felines are masters in the art of hiding their ill status. Hence, as a guardian, the pet owner is often at a loss in discovering the cat illness symptoms. A cat by its innate nature will try to hide any sign of illness or weakness in an attempt to keep predators at bay. But then, […]

3 Most Common Cat Diseases

Symptoms of 3 Most Common Cat Diseases

Cats, being small mammals are prone to some specific illnesses. Ability of the owner to identify the symptoms early ensures timely help and restoration of the cat’s health. From worms to viruses, there are a number of diseases that cats suffer from. Here are the 3 most common cat diseases that can make your cat […]