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how to deal with an angry cat

Reasons and how to Deal with an Angry Cat

A cat is rarely angry and if it is then you need to understand that this anger is an expression of your cat’s territorialism, its fear or dominance over another cat. So if you see that your cat has donned the ‘Halloween cat’ posture, you need to understand that soon it will hiss, growl, widen […]

bond lovingly with cats

Learn How to Bond Lovingly with Cats with Top 6 Tips

Pets are part of your family and you need to treat them like one. Having said that there is a basic difference between a cat and a dog – dogs are man’s best friend and they can be your support in times of need. They will become your child’s playmate, your watchdog, a bind man’s […]

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

List Of The Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

It is a general misconception that cats are cold, aloof and much less affectionate as compared to dogs. Dogs tend to get all the attention during discussion of affectionate and loving pets but this certainly is an unfair generalization. Cats surely love their space but can be very loving, loyal and tend to bond with […]

Siberian Forest Cat Allergies

Siberian Forest Cat Allergies

If you have allergies to animals, it is possible for you to experience Siberian forest cat allergies. Having an allergy means that your immune system has an exaggerated response to an allergen. Usually allergens contain proteins that the body is sensitive to. Symptoms The symptoms of allergies are something like having an asthma attack. These […]

Side Effects of Cat Flu Vaccinations

Side Effects of Cat Flu Vaccinations

All pet owners wish to protect their pets against illnesses and so they might consider getting the pets vaccinated. However, in some cases the owners also have to think about the side effects of cat flu vaccinations to be prepared for whatever surprises you could have. Information about the cat flu vaccinations’ side effects It […]