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tips for introducing your cat to your new dog

The Best Tips for Introducing your Cat to your New Dog

There is a common notion and misconception among people that cats and dogs don’t get along well. But contrary to this notion and belief, cats and dogs can be friendly to one another and can peacefully co-exist. If you already own a cat and are planning on bringing a pet dog home soon, then you […]

ways to care for your cat during summers

Best Ways to Care for your Cat During Summers

When the sun is at its peak and the summers are finally upon you, it is not only important to keep yourself cool and hydrated, but it is also important to provide the best summer care to your cat as well. Dehydration and heat stroke are some dangers which not only hit you but can […]

the siberian cat

Top 10 Kids Friendly Cats

Getting your kid a pet is a good idea to give them a companion to love and care for and play with. Having a pet also teaches them to be responsible and grow up to be smart. However, it is difficult to decide which cat breed would be the perfect fit for your kid and […]

tips to keep your cat healthy and disease free

Useful Tips to Keep your Cat Healthy and Disease Free

With proper knowledge and care regime, you can keep your feline pet away from diseases and illnesses. This article will give you a comprehensive picture on how to take care of your cat and keep it healthy during all the seasons right from the tender age. Neo Natal Care This is the time which ensures […]


Furballs that Cost a Fortune

A dog has long been considered a man’s best companion, but today cats have become the most adorable and popular pet in the world. These furry animals turn out to be good pets because of their independent traits and cleanliness. They are loved by people across all ages, as they turn out to be excellent […]