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Cat Vitamins

Will Cat Vitamins Work for Your Pet?

Most people are aware that certain vitamins can improve the overall functionality of the body, but it’s quite strange that not many people can see the same concept can be used with cats. Certain cat vitamins can be used to improve the quality of your cat’s life, so you should definitely check them out if […]

Cat Health Care

The Cat Diseases You Should Be on a Lookout For

The first rule of having a pet is to take care of it. Although some people might think that it is easy to care for cats, there are numerous things that the owners have to look out for to make sure that their cat is healthy. There are numerous diseases that a cat might have. […]

Feline Asthma

Feline Asthma and the Right Treatment

Just as humans are prone to asthma attacks so are their feline friends. They need special care and attention as an asthma attack can be a fretful time for both the pet and its owner. Feline asthma is caused by narrowed and irritated air passages in lungs. Most cats suffering from these will only show […]

cat food

Pet Cat – Digestive Issues and Vomiting

Anyone who owns a cat knows that this animal has some special requirements, when it comes to food and care. There are many digestive issues, which you should know, so here are the most important things a cat owner should be concerned about. Unlike the dogs, which are psychologically similar to many other mammals, the […]

stress in cats

Stress – The Major Health Concern in Cats

Taking care of your feline pet involves both physical and mental care of the cats. Cats are sensitive creatures and experience stress easily. If the stress is not taken care of in time, it can lead to distress and physical problems. One of the major reasons for feline stress is any kind of change in […]