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Hairball Problems And The Necessary Actions

Hairball Problems And The Necessary Actions

The hair balls are something specific for cats and the cat’s owners are familiar with them. It is common knowledge that they occur because the cats lick themselves to clean their fur coat and the hair they ingest becomes an oval shaped “ball” residing in their intestine. The phenomena is more common to the cats […]

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Domestic Mother, Wild Babies – The Nature Always Finds A Way

We have seen many examples of pets, which are caring for each other, despite their species or sizes. This time the surprising news comes from South Carolina, where a home cat is nursing three homeless bobcats. The gray cat called Zoe is now a mother to this abandoned baby bobcats and the only concern she […]

Cat's Training Is Easier Than It Looks

Cat’s Training Is Easier Than It Looks

Dogs are trainable. Birds can be trained to talk and even fly where you want them to. Monkeys can be trained. Dolphins, horses and even ferrets can be trained. And what do you know? Cats can be trained too. So many people will laugh at this idea but as surprisingly as it may seem it […]

Cat Grooming Techniques For New Cat Owners

Cat Grooming Techniques For New Cat Owners

Is it your first time to own a cat? Are you so excited you don’t know where and how to start taking care of it? Cats are very gentle animals which are very popular as pets. However, just like other animals, they need to be properly taken care of. The best way to start being […]

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Saving Kitties With A Little Cost Gives Huge Reward For The Soul

The last reports for the homeless cats’ treatment in the United States aren’t very satisfactory. According to the statistics, there are near 87 million free-roaming cats. The government spends amazing figures for their treatment. Only for a year the authorities spent nearly $16 billion dollars to trap and kill the kittens. Many organizations are offering […]