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cat training

Cat Training – The Right Approach

Unlike dogs, the cats are known for their lack of obedience towards their masters. They are picky, spoiled and always on to some kind of mischief. “Cat training” is most of the time limited to teach them use the litter box or restrain their access to certain areas. As a plus the cat training can […]

sterilized cat

Consider the Age and Sex of the Sterilized Cat

Many owners flirt with the idea of sterilizing the house cat under the impression that this way, their natural ability to disappear would be limited. However, the breeds are quite different when it comes to sterilization and if you plan to be a cat owner you should also consider the age of the cat. A […]


Catnip The Right Solution For Healthy, Happy Cats Or Just The Opposite

Catnip can make your beloved cat show exaggerated, sometimes funny and sometimes even dangerous behaviour. Deciding whether catnip or Nepeta cataria, as the plant is scientifically known is good for your feline, is difficult because science does not give a sure answer. It is known that catnip is used to induce sharper brain activity in […]

Hairball Problems And The Necessary Actions

Hairball Problems And The Necessary Actions

The hair balls are something specific for cats and the cat’s owners are familiar with them. It is common knowledge that they occur because the cats lick themselves to clean their fur coat and the hair they ingest becomes an oval shaped “ball” residing in their intestine. The phenomena is more common to the cats […]

cat and bobcats

Domestic Mother, Wild Babies – The Nature Always Finds A Way

We have seen many examples of pets, which are caring for each other, despite their species or sizes. This time the surprising news comes from South Carolina, where a home cat is nursing three homeless bobcats. The gray cat called Zoe is now a mother to this abandoned baby bobcats and the only concern she […]