Recognizing Illness In Parrots, Before Its Too Late

parrot healthBy the time you finally realize your pet parrot is ill, he may actually have been ill for some time already.

Birds in general are quite artful in hiding the fact that they are ill; this is because in nature, the other members of the flock, who fear for their own well-being, can wound those who are sick.

In order to be able to recognize illness symptoms in your parrot you will have to get to know its personality and recognize its habitual character.

Only then will you be able to discern atypical signs in your parrot’s behavior, which could alert you that something is wrong.

A typical behavior will generally be breathing difficulty and loss of appetite, or puffed up feathers. You may also find it is sleeping more than usual and is not as talkative or rarely calls to you.

Check whether the droppings are not too watery, or if there are not any at all, as well as runny eyes or vomiting.

You will have to consult the vet if you notice any uncharacteristic swelling or bleeding as well as trauma or seizure. Female birds may also have to be checked during reproductive stages.

For better sickness prevention have your bird visit a vet, who will familiarize with the bird and be able to provide better advice in emergency situations, he will also give you a weight chart for your bird, in order for you to check which weight is a healthy one for your bird.

A first aid bird kit can also be useful in emergency cases where you will have at your disposal; bandage material, styptic powder for bleeding, a heat pad or lamp to keep the birds’ body warmth, which has a healing effect on birds, as well as a towel to help you keep your bird still.


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