Best Pet Birds For Your Kids

finchesDo you want to introduce a bird to your home, but not sure which breed will fit in your kid-populated house?

Not all pets are for everyone, but there are certain species that will flourish with the love and attention of kids.

Underneath are some of the breeds that are best suited for kids.

Finches: Finches are excellent starter birds for kids as they require minimum interaction, easy to care, beautiful to watch and provide smoothing melodies with their soft chirps. They make good pets for young kids.

Easy maintenance and well suited for any home environment. As finches do not like to be handled, remember not to take it out of its cage.

Budgies: Budgies are next preferable pet birds for kids. Young kids will have much fun with these pet birds as they are colorful, small, handled quite well and easy to take care.

For kids, Budgies are wonderful companions. If your kid prefers a bird that can truly be his/her best companion then you could choose a budgie as your kid’s pet bird.

Conures: Conures make excellent pets with bright feathers. These birds are active, playful, curious and spunky.

Conures are entertaining for kids as they swing, jump and have a wonderful time by staying active. Conures love to be cuddled and are very friendly.


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