4 Tips To Take Proper Care Of Parakeets

Are you considering getting a parakeet to your family? If you are going to choose parakeet as pet for your family, you should essentially know how to care for parakeets.

Here are few tips that can help you in taking care of parakeets.

  • Get right cage: For keeping parakeets, get the largest possible size cage for beautiful parakeets. The minimum size should be 24 inches deep and 24 inches wide and also 36 inches tall. The spacing of bars of the cage should be almost ¾ inch apart.
  • Change water and food every day: It is very essential to provide fresh and clean water for parakeet every day. Feed your parakeets with seeds one hour in morning and at night each day. You can also feed with freshly sliced vegetables and fruits.
  • Interact with them every day: Without regular interaction and attention, your parakeets will lose interest in human interaction and tends to ignore humans consequently. So, to avoid this happen, you should spend at least 30-90 minutes every day interacting with parakeets.
  • Regularly clean the cage: Clean out the bowls, substrate and perches in parakeets cage every day. Once in every month you should disinfect entire cage and clean it with diluted bleach mixture.


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