Teaching Pet Bird To Retrieve Toys

pet birdWatching your pet bird fetch a toy from across the room, and bring it into your hand is very interesting.

But it takes training for a pet bird to do this trick.

Actually it takes training for any pet to perform any trick.

Just be patient with him and you will see desired results. The retrieve trick also helps create a bond with you and your pet.

Make sure you have seeds or something similar to reward your pet bird. Each time it does well, give it some of those seeds. If it does better, increase the amount of seeds that you give him.

A continuous repetition of this bird gesture will see to it that he learns fast and with enthusiasm. It’s aiming for more seeds while you want results.

You will need to get a toy that your pet is going to be able to pick up easily, something light and colorful. For example the use of acrylic shapes. The size and weight are very important. You don’t want to tire him out after just one trip.

Now the actual process begins. Teach your bird to fetch the toy from a designated point. Throw the toy away from you and tell him to ‘fetch’ or ‘go get’, whatever you find comfortable with.

Repeat the process until your bird understands the words. Reward it with its favorite foods when it comes back with the toy.

You have to teach it to drop the toy after he fetches it, preferably in your hand. This time when he comes back with the toy, tell it to ‘drop.’ Outstretch your hand close to its beak so that it drops the toy in your hand.

An outstretched hand means you either want to give or receive. With your empty hand in front of him, he eventually drops it in your hand. Repeat the process until the word ‘drop’ registers and he associates the word with the action.

Now combine all the steps. Throw the toy, away from you and tell it to go and fetch it. When the bird has carried it in his beak, then tell him; ‘bring it to me.’  To encourage it to start to walk towards you, outstretch your hand.

When he sees your hand he remembers the drop action and comes towards you. Again repeat this process until he understands ‘bring it to me.’ Give him his well deserved reward.

Now throw the toy, and tell it to fetch, but this time do not give it any seeds. Then tell it to bring back the toy to you and then to drop it in your hand.

Repeat the sequence as often as you can until it does not hesitate in taking instructions. When you are sure it has grasped the whole concept it’s time to give him the largest amount of seeds as compared to what you have been giving him all the while but not enough to fill him up.

Just to drive the point home, repeat the process again and give him another chunk of seeds if successful.


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