Know The Meaning Of Bird Gestures For Developing A Wonderful Relation With The Bird!

bird gesturesIf you own a bird as pet, you should be able to communicate with the bird and understand the bird’s language [Types of pet bird species].

Birds, just like other pets, have their own communication methods and language.

You should be able to understand the meaning of the gestures to communicate with the bird in return.

Each bird has its own language, but there are some basic and common gestures used by birds to communicate with their owners. The birds use their body, beaks, wings and voice to communicate different feelings.

Meanings to the different gestures of the birds:

Continuous barking: Some birds start barking to show off their interest or when they are excited about the act. The barking sometimes also mean they need attention by you. When the bird is barking while it is with other bird, it is showing off its dominance over the other birds.

Beak clicking: The birds click their beaks when they feel threatened. The beak clicking is a gesture for asking help. These acts by the birds alert the owners to protect them from the threat. Approaching the bird during this gesture can end up with a bad bite.

Beak grinding: When the bird is rubbing the beak or trying to crush its beak, it means it needs attention and is trying to communicate that means it is feeling insecure. This is similar to children grinding their teeth in the nights.

Growling: This gesture means the bird is aggressive. Some times, the growling is accompanied with raised feathers. This means the bird does not like you to approach. After this act, its better to stay calm for some time and approach the bird later.

Tongue licking: This gesture is normally seen in cockatiels and cockatoos. This gesture means the bird want to approach and do not want to hurt you. The licking is rapid against the beak.

Beak wiping: The bird is trying to express that it is aggravate or upset. This is also a gesture of feeling jealousy about the owners act. This is seen in Amazons, they bite their owner’s partner if they tend to be near to the owner. In normal sense, this is also made by the birds when cleaning their beaks.

Chattering: Normally the birds chatter at dawn or dusk for settling down. Also, the bird is trying to re-establish a relationship among the other birds. Some birds love chattering in the new when they are learning new words and express their view and ideas towards the owners act.

Wing flipping: This sharp, flipping movement of the wings when performed by birds indicates the annoyance, fear or displeasure in the bird. It can also mean the bird is trying to control the situations and are trying to correct them.

Tail fanning: Indicates an unhappy, aggressive bird. A tail fanning bird prime meaning is to be upset about you and does not want to continue this activity and if this activity persists, the bird may bite you.

Whistling: When the bird starts whistling in the cage [Bird Cage], then it’s a happy bird, likes the place and love to be in your company. The whistling indicates ease towards the world and its owner.

Hope this information is useful for you in understanding your bird and to maintain a good communication between you and your bird.


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