How To Take Care Of Your Pet Bird While Traveling?

pet birdTraveling with pets is an overwhelming task for many pet owners. When the pet is a bird, then the problems you face are endless.

If it is a talking bird, then you must be ready to hear every mumbling of the bird. Birds show their discomfort through different sounds and murmurings.

So, you should take care of small to small murmurings of the bird to avoid discomforts of the bird.

Many pet bird owners leave the bird at their relatives home or vet hospitals when traveling.

But many do not have this source and taking the bird with them is the only option for them.

This article helps to maintain your pet bird healthy and avoid complications while traveling.

Things to know while traveling with bird:

  • Birds are very sensitive animals and get scared very easily. Do not surprise your bird with a new cage; new surroundings can develop stress in the bird. Stress can literally kill the bird, so see that the bird is used to the bird carriage. Never lock the bird for long time in the cage, see that the bird wings get adequate exercise at least once in a day.
  • If you are traveling by car, see that you have placed the bird cage in even position. Uneven positions can tilt the bird cage and the cage may fall down, hurting the bird. The cage must be big enough to support for adequate exercise of the bird.
  • Food must be placed in the cage when you are leaving the bird alone for a long time. Water should be provided frequently to avoid dehydration in the birds. If you are storing the food (fruits) for feeding the bird while traveling, see that you store the food in ice boxes for locking the naturality of the food.
  • Always keep contact with the bird. The persons who are near to the bird must talk to the bird in regular intervals. Recognized voice will create strength for the bird and keep the bird calm.
  • Carry bird’s favorite toys while you are traveling. Toys will keep the bird busy when you are away from the bird. See that you do not hang the toys in the bird cage; when you are traveling, the movement of the toys can hurt the bird.
  • Never take the bird directly into the sunlight. Sudden changes in the temperature will harm your bird. In the same way, do not place the bird cage near to an air conditioner. Always maintain a normal temperature and see that the bird is not affected with abrupt temperatures.


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