Feeding Tips For Canary Bird

canary birdThe Canary bird requires a strict diet to maintain a healthy and strong body.

If you own one then you have to know all the basic foods it needs.

Newsflash: canary birds love snacks just like you do. So why don’t you go and share your snack time with your bird.

At least you won’t have to go through any hassles in preparing a different meal all together if you don’t have time. Favorite snacks are honey stick and millet spray.

They also enjoy eggs. Hard boiled eggs on a regular basis provide the necessary protein that they require. You don’t have to salt them or add anything else. Crush or slice the egg into sizable pieces to assist in digesting. You don’t want it coughing up all the food don’t you? [Bird Feeding]

Like any human and animal, water is essential for the canary bird. Change their water everyday. If you get there and yesterday’s water is still there, do not add new water in the feeding bowl.

Replace fresh new water every morning. They drink a lot of water so check after every few hours to check if there is any need to refill.

If you leave them for a long period of time without water they will die in no time. They have a very fast metabolism hence the need for huge amounts of water.

Seeds are the main component of the canary’s diet so make sure you don’t exclude them. It’s supposed to be an everyday meal. He can skip the eggs and the snacks just to depend on the seeds alone. You can buy them from any pet or bird shop.

Fortunately there is a wide option of canary seeds on offer. You can choose different ones so he has variety in his diet.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for vitamins and minerals. We have so much in common in our dietary needs with the canary birds, don’t you think? They enjoy grapes and apples.

Cube up their apples so they will find it easier to pick and digest. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. They like spinach and lettuce. You might as well include all this in your shopping list.

The canary bird is not a difficult bird to feed and breed. Just follow the basic tips I have provided and you will make it a happy bird. You should view them as a snack mate. That way you will not forget to feed them.


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