Bird Safety Tips To Keep Your Birds Away From Harm!

bird safetyYou must have responsibility towards the pet bird you are growing. Being responsible is the best thing you can do to your pet bird.

Birds are very sensitive animals when compared to the other pets.

Their sensitive nature sometimes leads to the death of the bird too, so proper care and safety is necessary.

Miners in the olden days used to travel into the mines for their work. When there were no danger alarms, these miners used to carry a canary bird [Canary bird cage] to the underground mines.

Even slightest change in the air composition was recognized by the bird and harsh air could literally kill the canary bird. The death of the canary bird was an alarm for the miners that there is a danger in the mine.

How to maintain the health of a bird?

Odors: Birds are very much affected with the odors; slightest change in the air can suffocate the bird. If you want your pet bird to be healthy and do not want to suffocate, make sure that you do not use any strong odors near to the bird.

Teflon pans, aerosol sprays odors will literally suffocate the bird and make the breathing harder. Even furniture polish or the smell of painted rooms can also make the bird throttle. So, if you are using any such odors in the room see that the pet birds are not around.

Food: Always give your bird fresh food that is not at all dangerous to maintain the health of the bird. Always feed your bird with fresh water and food and avoid feeding the left over food. For example: If you give your bird an apple, it may not consume the apple completely.

So, most part of the apple will be leftover for the next day; remove this food and supply with fresh food. Do not compromise with the quality of food you are providing.

Poisonous materials: Birds always love to chew the things around them. See that the toys in the bird cage are not made of poisonous materials. If left free in the home, see that it does not chew any items which can be dangerous for the bird’s digestive tract.

If your house has any such things, see that you replace them with safe materials. To control the temptation of chewing, provide the bird with a bowl full of parsley. Some plants can also be poisonous for your bird, see that your bird is not placed near to such plants.

Safety should also be taken while grooming the bird and playing with the bird. Never expose your bird to open areas; it will try to fly away. If the wings are clipped, flying will hurt the bird.


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