Choose The Best Birdhouse Patterns

All of us would love to have a birdhouse, and watch birds of all kinds flock at the birdhouse and eat.

Although it is easy enough to simply pay money and buy a birdhouse and install it, believe me when I tell you that nothing would give you more pleasure than building one with your bare hands, and offering it to the birds you love, and watching them enjoying it, to your heart’s content!

Build your own bird house

Remember, it is not a simple affair to build a birdhouse: you have to keep in mind the birds’ requirements, and also think of maintenance and cleaning methods.

You must choose a birdhouse pattern that would allow you to open it up for regular cleaning, because it is a fact that birdhouses become plugged up with nesting material and can become completely unusable within a few years’ time, if left unclean.

The thickness of the wood: The thickness of the wood you use is also important: the thicker the wood, the more the insulation and this can be especially attractive for birds during the winter months.

Size of the cavity: You must also remember that all birds are fussy about the size of the cavity available in the bird house and its width; after all, it is their house, why shouldn’t they be fussy?! Therefore, whatever pattern you choose, make sure that the entrance cavity is not too small or too large; birds will not use it if it is too small, and fear of predators will make them avoid larger cavities.

Research the birds you want to attract: Conduct research and find out what type of birds live in your area, what birds you would like to attract, and then find out their cavity preferences. This would help you choose a pattern that would fit your chosen species best.

Start building your birdhouse in winter: Another important point is that you must start building your birdhouse in winter, so that when spring arrives, it will be ready and free of human smells.

Hang it or fix it? Next, you must decide whether you want to hang your birdhouse, or fix it onto a post. Different bird species prefer different patterns, and it is up to you to find out what species you want to attract, and what kind of birdhouse they would prefer.

Best decorative patterns for birdhouses

There are several simple decorative patterns for birdhouses. You could choose a basic bird box, or, you could choose a curved birdhouse with a roof. You could opt for a coffee can birdhouse, in which you place a coffee can inside the birdhouse and build around it.

It can be simple to make and easy to clean, and economical too. There are one-board birdhouses, which look great and are simple to make, and there are log cabin look-alike birdhouses, which take a lot more effort, and may be worth their while in the long run.

The birdhouse is for the birds! Keep in mind the fact that the birdhouse is for the birds, and they don’t care what it looks like, as long as it serves their purpose.

However, if you still dream of those long evenings watching the birds arrive at your green or brown birdhouse, then you can choose an elaborate pattern and put in your best efforts into creating your own birdhouse, which will last for a long time to come.


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