Building A Bluebird House

bluebird houseBlue birds get the name from the color of their bodies.

If you enjoy watching the bluebird each day when they fly in and out of your backyard, why don’t you build him a house right in the comfort of your backyard.

That way you can watch it everyday and ensure that it keeps coming back. It’s a beautiful bird and the courting and nesting behaviors are interesting to watch.

Bluebirds are always up for a place to stay considering that natural habitats are destroyed everyday by the increased urbanization. Building them a home will see to it that they have a place to stay.

We are responsible for destroying their homes so let’s make up for it and build them homes.

Sad news for all bluebird lovers: their population has been declining because they really don’t have a comfortable and conducive place to nest.

You can play a hand in preventing the bluebird from extinction by building them a home. It doesn’t have to be in your backyard. It can be at any place that is conducive and has lots of berries nearby. They do love berries.

By building a bluebird house you can actually attract a lot of others in the area. It’s an interesting hobby, you should try. If you can’t see it as a hobby then maybe you will be inspired to bird watch, If not then look at it as a good cause.

Just make sure that the house you build for them is spacious and has covers that are contiguous.

You will need the following materials in hand when you are building your blue bird house; a hacksaw, cedar board, ruler, sandpaper, clamps, pencil and so on.

All the material you need and step by step instructions for building a blue bird house can be found on the internet. You can also find formal plans.

These houses have specific dimensions that you have to stick to if you want the blue bird to come and make this place its home. Take care not to allow other birds to come and stay in these houses.

Have fun while building this house. It’s definitely worth it. You don’t have to wait for long before you see the beautiful bird coming to its new home. This just shows how much they really need them.

So what are you waiting for, get the hacksaws and let’s help the blue birds. I don’t think they would be interesting to see in history books, just because they would have gone extinct. What do you say then? Are you going for it?


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