Balanced Diet Options For Cockatiel

cockatielBeing an owner of your own pet, you should essentially know how to take care of your pet and how to provide good health with proper diet to it.

When it comes to health of pet cockatiels, they need great care and balanced diets play a vital role.

For your surprise, a cockatiel can eat almost every thing you eat.

Here are some of the foods that can prove healthy and also act as balanced diets for cockatiel. [Bird Food]

  1. Seeds: Most of the cockatiels love seeds and they are available in every store. Seeds are convenient to feed and if you mix some sunflower seeds, oats, millets, it will be beneficial for your cockatiel.
  2. Mixed diet: A healthy mixed diet with 25% pellets, 25% vitamin rich seed mix, 15% corn, cooked rice and bean mixture, 25% dark leafy vegetables and fruits, 10% cereals, pasta, bread, meat and cheese will help to keep a cockatiel healthy.
  3. Nuts: Cockatiel prefers everything from nuts to fruits and certain nuts can make wonderful treats for cockatiels. So, you can confidently provide them whole nuts because they actually love to crack open nut shells and extract the seed in it to eat.
  4. Proteins: It is very essential for cockatiel to get all the necessary nutrients and also protein supplements for staying healthy, if you want your cockatiel to live for a long time. So you can feed your cockatiels with protein foods like cooked eggs, ripe tomatoes, sprouts, freshly cooked lean meat and also grated cheese.


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