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Equestrian Supplies and Choosing the Right Saddle

Although it isn’t such a common sport like soccer, riding horses is still one of the most rewarding sports of them all. In order to make sure that you can truly make the best of it, you should consider getting the right equestrian supplies. The saddle In case you are thinking about equestrian supplies, it […]


Things You Did Not Know about Pet Food

Although some people might say that the food you feed your dog isn’t really important, the truth is that it is quite difficult to decide what kind of dog food to choose. Some say that offering dog food is the lazy way out while the dog food companies say that if you don’t give the […]

tame your dog

Discipline Over Love: How to Tame Your Dog

Is your dog out of control? Do you have to keep it on the lead when going for a walk because you’re afraid of how it reacts to other dogs? Do friends and family avoid coming over because of your boisterous pet? Many behavioural problems such as aggression and disobedience can be changed simply by […]

The History of Crufts

History of Crufts

This info graphic is a very informative representation of the world’s top dog show – The Crufts. It is a travel down the memory lane of this historic event held every year that is more than a century old. It takes you through the different stages of the event, its venue and the current organizers […]


Capturing your Pet’s Best Side

When it comes to our pets, we only want the best. So what can you do when you decide you want to photograph your furry member of the family? Know what you want Before your shoot, it is important that you know what you want from the photos. It might be that you want a […]