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Body Flukes

Some Major Aquarium Fish Diseases And Their Symptoms

If you have a pet fish, living in an aquarium, then it is highly likely for the fish to catch several types of diseases which are collectively called aquarium fish diseases.  But since like other animals, fish cannot express their illness, you must be aware of the symptoms of the diseases to be able to […]

bird feeder

The Best Possible Places to Place The Bird Feeder

Love feeding birds or love seeing birds eating or feeding? Well the best way to feed the birds is to place bird feeders in or around your house.  Bird feeders can either be hanged or can be placed on a hard surface. But most people are confused about the placement of bird feeders because not […]

adopt a pet

How to know you are ready for a pet

It is true that most of us are just in love with those lovely little cute dogs and those wonderfully cuddly cats living with our relatives, friends and neighbors. But loving a pet from a distance and actually adopting or bringing one home are two VERY different things.  Before jumping to the decision of bringing […]


Top 5 Hi-Tech Gadgets to Pamper Your Pet

Our pets are not just animals but family to most of us and just the way we love playing with technology and using it in our day to day lives, our pets too do not mind gadgets and equipments which are technologically advanced. In this day and time when spending on your pet isn’t such […]

turtle care

Caring For Your Pet Turtle

Turtles make really amazing and loving pets.  These little creatures are very cute and having them is like having a lifelong companion. Before you consider purchasing a turtle, you must be well informed about the ways to care for one.  Turtles of different age need different types of care and without this commitment, having a […]