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Information about Cockatiels as Pets

Information about Cockatiels as Pets

In case you are looking for information about cockatiels as pets you should know that these are social and intelligent birds. They are best known for their yellow crests, orange cheeks, and long tail feathers. There are many different color variations available to choose from. Pet Cockatiels’ Information and the Wild Normally the cockatiels are […]


Different Types of Small Pet Birds

Although you might think that all pet birds are large, there are different types of small pet birds as well that you can choose from. Before getting a pet you should find out about the characteristics of the given species and choose the one that you are the most comfortable with. Parakeets These are the […]

Eye Problems in Dogs Symptoms

Eye Problems in Dogs Symptoms

The eye problems in dogs symptoms appear in many different ways. You can be sure that there is a problem if he squints, blinks, or keeps the paws at the eye. This means that the dog is in pain. In the same time you should also keep an eye out for redness in the eyes. […]

Soap Dish Crabs

Types of Freshwater Crabs

If you want to have freshwater crab as a pet, then know that these crabs can be kept as a single pet or as a part of a community. The crabs can keep the water of the aquarium clear by eating the impurities like fish food or dead plants. Below are some of the types […]

Pets food

Serving Up The Correct Meal

One of the biggest problems people seem to have with weight and eating is a lack of control over portion size and one of the main factors of this is lack of awareness and care.  So many people judge by eye how much rice or pasta to have but if they measured out the recommended […]