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10 Most Common Dog Diseases

What Are the 10 Most Common Dog Diseases

Infectious diseases in dogs can be classified various types – bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral. Here are the 10 most common dog diseases that cause suffering and death among the canine breeds across the world.   1. Giardiasis This is a disease caused by the water-borne parasite namely Giardia. It is characterized by acute diarrhea […]

Facts About Rabbits as Pets

Quick Facts About Rabbits as Pets

Rabbits are cuddly pets to have around. They are known for the quick bonding they develop with their owners. So if you are looking to bring home a rabbit, here are some quick facts about rabbits as pets. Keep them indoors Rabbits are known to lead a higher quality of life if kept indoors. Indoor […]

What Are the Side Effects of Dog Vaccinations

Know More About What Are the Side Effects of Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations are normal annual routine for all pet dogs. Some of the most common vaccinations given to dogs include: rabies, distemper, parvo, corona and adeno virus and Para influenza. While most of them do just fine after the vaccination, some of the dogs experience side-effects. Therefore, what are the side effects of dog vaccinations is […]

What Is the Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

What Is the Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs That Can Be Made at Home

Fleas are to dogs what lice are to humans. A flea infested dog is not only irritable but also suffers from related skin problems. Most synthetic flea medications have side effects and are also less effective with time because the parasites are developing resistance to the medications. So how to help your dog in distress […]

Dog Nutrition Facts

6 Dog Nutrition Facts for Your Canine Friend

Your canine needs proper nutritious food to grow and live a healthy life. A dog’s nutritional needs are very different from that of the humans. Here are some quick dog nutrition facts to consider while deciding what to feed your dog. Choose a brand that specifies portions based on dog size Veterinarians insist that large […]