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Best Natural Dog Food

How Do You Find the Best Natural Dog Food?

Finding the best natural dog food is never going to be a simple task because there are so many different options on the market these days. You have to be careful about what kind of food you are getting for your dog because some of those bags of food may actually contain ingredients that are […]

Dog Weight Loss

The Best Method for Dog Weight Loss

If you have a dog that is a little overweight and could lose a few pounds then you should take a look at the kinds of food that the dog is eating every day. Dog weight loss is usually in the hands of the dog’s owner because the dog does not really care what it […]

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds and Being an Allergy Free Cat Owner

There are a lot of people in the world that would like to have a cat, but they have allergies. Now they also have the possibility to get a pet due to the hypoallergenic cat breeds. Is there such a thing as cat breeds which can be considered hypoallergenic? The term ‘hypo’ refers to ‘less […]

submit pet photo

Win a Fabulous Photo Competition for Your Pet

Are you the proud owner of a handsome doggie or of a slender and deliciously lovable pussycat? If the answer is yes, make sure you dare to make them famous. It’s no news that nowadays pets are more and more part of our day to day lives. If you look at YouTube and the amazing […]

Yorkie Poo Puppies

The Challenge of Raising Yorkie Poo Puppies

The Yorkie Poo is a relatively new breed that is a result of crossbreeding the Yorkshire terriers and the Poodles. This is why some of the yorkie poo puppies look more like the Yorki and others look like poodles. The total weight of the dogs is of about 4-14 pounds and the height of the […]