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Female Dog

Dog Battle of the Sexes – She Is Smarter than Him

There has always been one question that has been interesting for humans: who are wiser, men or women? Well, this has been taken to another level and scientists are trying to find the answer for the same question in case of dogs. There have been some studies conducted to find out whether male or female […]

Pets and Babies

The Baby’s First Pet – A Possible Anti Allergy Tool

It is a well-known fact that kids like animals, even though at the beginning they don’t really know how to handle them. Animals are also known to be kind with kids and even protective at the beginning. So this special relationship has been researched many times and the scientists seem to have found some kind […]

Pet Safe Garden

Can the Garden Be a Safe Haven for Your Pet?

Is there any pet in the world that wouldn’t like to go out and have some fun in the garden? But is it safe to allow them to? There are numerous measures you could take to make sure that they will be alright while they are outside. One of the greatest threats that there are, […]

Dog Reactions

Dogs Reaction Is Conditioned By the Face of Its Owner

It is a known fact that dogs recognize smells a lot easier than men and they can also sense those smells that the human brain doesn’t recognize. On the other hand it seems like this ability has been making up for the fact that they cannot rely on their sight as much as men do. […]