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Dog Behavour Issues

Senior Dogs and Behavior Issues

It is a known fact that in many cases for all beings at old age comes the so-called “second childhood”. Something similar happens in case of the old dogs as well. Just like puppies, they might disobey the rules. This doesn’t happen because they don’t understand them, but because they are simply unable to follow […]

Cat Grooming

Can Cat Grooming Be Enjoyed?

One of the most specific thing that cats are known to do is to groom themselves. You might have seen your cat do so several times a day, but still in some cases she might need some help from your part. Although the majority of the people think that this is a burden, you should […]

Clicker Training

Clicker Training – How Good Is It?

The term clicker is commonly known among pet owners since at the moment it seems to be one of the most effective methods of training. You can teach almost any house pet to do things through clicker indications. For example you might teach your dog to sit or a bird to hop on a stick. […]

Canine Constipation

Canine Constipation and Why Should It Be Avoided?

You might have heard many people say that you don’t have to take your pets so seriously, since they are supposed to be able to survive on their own as well. The pet lovers have to say that they couldn’t disagree more with these people. In case a person gets a pet, it is his […]