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Dog Flatulence

The Most Common Causes for Dog Flatulence

There are numerous common traits between animals and their owners, and one of the most common known problems in both cases is flatulence. This actually means the release of gas and it might be an indicator of the pet’s health condition. Every dog breed might suffer from flatulence. The term originates from the medical word […]

Pet Insurance

The Pet Insurance Issue and What Hides Behind It

The services offered to the pet owners have developed a lot in the last few years. For example in the case of animal insurance the possibilities have widened. There have been major changes in the cost, and so the popularity of the services has grown considerably. While at some point it has been considered a […]

Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan – A Cat with a Zen Attitude

More and more people are becoming the fans of Himalayan cats. These are also known as Himmie by the owners, and there are only two things needed to get such a cat: the willingness to share your life with a loving feline and also the time to care for its log and fluffy fur. The […]

Bengalese finch

What to Know Before Taking a Bengalese Home?

The Bengalese finch is also known as Society finch, and in its usual form it very much resembles the Sharp-tailed Munias. They have an upper and a lower mandible; the upper one is usually black, while the lower one has a brighter color. The back and the tail of the bird have a chocolate brown […]