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Dog Dysplasia

Dog Dysplasia Explained

We humans aren’t as special as we might think we are. More precisely, we aren’t that unique, and the things that might happen to us might also happen to other beings as well. For example only few people know that there is a connection between canine dysplasia and human arthritis. Canine dysplasia might be defined […]

lazy pets

Is My Pet Just Lazy?

Pets nowadays may suffer from the same laziness some of us humans are prone to. Because our domestic pets no longer need to hunt for their food and are given instant shelter and their own territory, they may just be a little out of practice when it comes to exercising. Older pets, just like us […]

Pet Care

Are Google Tips Replacing the Vet Care?

Would like to find some information on a certain topic? Google it! Well, although this might work in many cases, when it comes to the health of your pet, you might want to reconsider. There are numerous pet owners in our days that prefer to consult with Google rather than with a vet. This way […]

Snake as Pet

Best Snakes to Have As Pets

There are numerous animals that can be kept as pet. Usually people think about cats and dogs, but there are some other kinds of animals as well that you should take into consideration. While the majority of people prefer those pets that have fur and at least two legs, others prefer reptiles, like snakes. The […]

Cat Health Care

The Cat Diseases You Should Be on a Lookout For

The first rule of having a pet is to take care of it. Although some people might think that it is easy to care for cats, there are numerous things that the owners have to look out for to make sure that their cat is healthy. There are numerous diseases that a cat might have. […]