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The rescue team dogs

US Canine Search and Rescue out to Help Japan

Japan is amidst its worst crisis since 1945 and is turning to the world for assistance during this disaster. Japan has a very efficient disaster management team and yet the scale of this catastrophe has forced them to ask for help. National Disaster Search Dog Foundation trains teams that include rescue dogs and their partners […]

dog begging

The Dog Begging Issue – From Annoying to Cute

One of the ways your dog uses to get your sympathy is by looking at you wide eyed and begging. Usually this kind of behavior is linked to food but sometimes it may surface out of the need of attention. Begging does not come naturally to dogs although raising the paws to get attention is […]

pet rabbit

How Ready Are You for a Pet Rabbit?

Being a pet rabbit owner requires time and attention. A rabbit is very much like a small puppy with the difference that the puppies grow and change behavior. A rabbit needs constant attention and you will need to spend a loot of time at home if you get one. The young rabbits require a lot […]

allergies in pets

How to Treat the Common Spring Allergies in Pets?

With spring around the corner, it is now time to take stock of all that can trouble your pet. Many pet owners may not be aware that spring brings with it plenty of health issues for the pets including allergies and exposure to toxic products. It pays to be aware of the various factors that […]

pet wedding

Pet Wedding – Walk Your Dog Down the Aisle

For many people that don’t have pets, there are many pet owners that are too obsessed with their animals. Actually people who have pets in their homes are most likely changed, for the sake of their favorite animals. Being a pet owner isn’t only a matter of providing the food and the shelter. It is […]