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Vegan Pet Chow

The Pros and Cons of Vegan Pet Chow

The veganism by itself is a current growing more popular everyday. If the people considered that the vegan food and lifestyle is the right way to go, having a vegan pet became the next thing on the vegan agenda. The pet owner community and the vegan community might not see eye to eye on the […]

swiss white shepherd

The White Wolf Called Swiss White Shepherd

The Swiss White shepherd is a very temperamental dog without being nervous. It is careful, vigilant and smart, being a trustworthy companion. In unknown circumstances it is a prudent dog with a high tendency of being curious. The Swiss white shepherd looks very much alike the German shepherd, the exception being the color which is […]

People Choose Pets over Kids

What Makes People Choose Pets over Kids?

Elisabetta Canalis let the cat… oops… dog out of the bag, when she told Italian Cosmopolitan that even if she and George Clooney decide to tie the knot, they will have no kids. Her maternal instincts were completely satisfied with her dogs. In another incident Leona Helmsley, a billionaire, bequeathed $12 million to her dog […]

kitten season

Kitten Season and Dealing with the Consequences

It will be kitten season soon and chances of coming across kitten litters will be really high during the spring season. Most of us fall in love with these tiny creatures and want to bring them home, but would it be the right thing to do? There are several factors that need to be understood […]

Pet Training

Making the Most of Treats in Pet Training

Training a pup or dog is essential to make things smoother and better in your daily life. Plus it makes sense to have your dog obey the commands you give it. Petting or praising the dog is an essential part of the training but treats can be used judiciously to make the process more interesting […]