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dogs improve our life 1

Dogs Improve Our Life Making Us Better

Any pet owner knows that his dog really makes him happy. The recent studies about it have proved that those who have pets in their home, suffer less from disasters and lead happier life then people that prefer to not have any pets. According to USA Today’s Paw Print Post, a dog can make your […]

pets to travel

Help Your Pets To Travel In Style

For you, your pet is family. But it may not always be treated so by hotels, restaurants and places you may visit with your pet. While examining brochures or web sites of hotels where you want to stay for your vacation, you may see pet-tolerant places (obviously, an indication of dislike to some degree) and […]

cute dog pictures

30 Cute Dog Pictures – Dogs @ Work

From time immemorial, dogs have been the most loyal companion one could have. Here are 30 cute dog pictures at work.

How To Potty Train A Puppy In Seven Easy Ways?

How To Potty Train A Puppy In Seven Easy Ways?

Bringing your new pet puppy at home would be an enjoyable moment for you. But one thing that you would have to train the animal for is potty etiquettes. You definitely don’t want to roam around the entire house to clean that mess off! To avoid this, you should know the rules on how to […]

dog fur trimming

The Consequences Of Dog Fur Trimming During Summer

Summer heat can cause a big problem for dogs, especially for those who carry a thick fur coat. It is an uncomfortable experience for a dog to bear with all the sweat produced by the temperature variations of this season. Below are some tips which would help you in making your dog comfortable in this […]