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A Goat As A Pet? Well That’s A Bit Of A Challenge

For animal lovers, the idea of having a goat as a pet isn’t so unusual. Lately lots of people are claiming that the mini-goats are exactly as proper for house pets as any other tamed animal. The Vietnamese are giving an example in taming mini-goats since years. Lately the trend turns to be followed also […]

Hope For Two Legged Dogs

Hope For Two Legged Dogs

Hoppa, a four-year-old mixed breed dog from Tel-Aviv, israel, born without front legs, uses a prosthetic device to walk in his home. The device was invented especially for Hoppa by a animal-loving art student, who hopes his wheeling device will improve the lives of pets born with abnormalities or with amputated limbs. Source: Photos by REUTERS via CCTV

To Cut Or Not To Cut The Parrot's Wings

To Cut Or Not To Cut The Parrot’s Wings

The cutting of the parrot’s wings is a procedure implying the shortening of the primary feathers and some of the secondary feathers having as a result the impediment to fly. It is a procedure that has to be repeated on a certain interval because the cut feathers will grow back after the next shedding. Such […]

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Banning Pet Sales In The Stores

West Hollywood, California is officially banning the pet sales in the stores. According to the new laws, pet shops will be allowed to sell only dogs and cats from shelters. The ordinance will be applied from September, but even now the pet stores there don’t offer any animals. Back in 2003 the town was the […]

10 Reasons Why I Chose A Dog For My Pet

10 Reasons Why I Chose A Dog For My Pet

I will start off with the standard: “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” I know it is a dumb question and I don’t like having to answer that question even though I am a dog fan. People like having horses as their pets, they could also have tarantulas or any other type […]